The World in the 1920s

Attaboy!!! The Book Club explored the world in the 1920s during our meeting by looking up some of the phrases of the day, and checking out what was happening politically and socially. We added these words and events to the 1920s wall. We will be throwing around some of this terminiology at the party. The historical facts will prepare us for our special guest historian who will be visiting after Spring Break! You will be the "cats meow" all "dolled up" for our 1920s fun! Plus, you will be the "bees knees" with all your witty phrases. Check out more 1920s words here. Join us at our next meeting for our guest speaker presentation.

Learn the Charleston

The Book Club is learning the Charleston for our upcoming Gatsby soiree (see what that BIG words means here and how to pronounce it). This is just one example of some of the dance tutorials on the web. Find one that works for you! Let's get those toes tapping and those feet moving for our 1920s gala.

Field Trip to SE-YA has been Cancelled

Sadly, our Book Club field trip has been cancelled. However, the festival is still an option on Saturday, March 12, if students would like to attend on their own. The website with that information is here.

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