Mrs. Martin's Salt to the Sea Project Resources

Book Excerpts
You may read portions of these books by following the links.
Abandoned and Forgotten: An Orphan Girl's Tale of Survival
The Amber Room
The Vanished Kingdom
The library has a huge collection of World War II books. Check out the card catalog to see the selection.
Books in Your Library
You may find these in the print collection or e-book collection of the SCHS Library.
E-Books  Look Under the E-books tab use the "student" "student" login.
Bloodlands Europe: Between Hitler and Stalin
Death in the Baltic: The World War II Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff
Forgotten Land: Journey's Among the Ghost of East Prussia

In Print-  These are available in your library in print.
Battleground Prussia: The Assualt on Germany's Eastern Front
Bloodlands: Europe; Between Hitler and Stalin
The Captive Mind
Caveat Emptor: The Secret Life of an American Art Forger
The Damned Don't Drown: The Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff
Death in the Baltic: The World War II Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff
Forgotten Land: Journy's Among the Ghosts of East Prussia
Handmade Shoes for  Men
The Painted Bird

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