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Book Club Promotes National Library Card Month

Book Club Happenings!! Book Club met today to create flyers to promote National Library Card Month, enjoy the book swap cart, organize the t-shirt project, and choose the next book. What is it you ask? Lauren Oliver's _Delirium_ is the first book in a series that features two teens against a society that believes LOVE is a disease. Our library has one copy and you can check out the e-book from Tennessee R.E.A.D.S if you have a public library card. If anyone in Facebook land has a copy they would like to share/donate for the cause, bring it by the library. Our goal is for all members to have the book read by Oct. 1 for the first after school social of the year.

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Next Book Club Read

We will be reading _Pride and Prejudice_ for our next group read! If you have extra copies, please share with the group!

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